- The world is a digital place where advertising online is an essential part of any companies marketing strategy

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Let Frisbee Studios expand your business reach with online advertising and digital marketing done right.

Digital marketing edmonton gives you the ability to deliver targeted marketing directly to your specific audience. Our online marketing edmonton expert team develops custom and effective digital advertising strategies so that your business can talk to the right audience, the right marketplace with your targeted message.

Marketing company edmonton has the control to show your company and brand to more potential customers than ever. One of the most important benefits of online marketing edmonton is that it allows you to target potential customers and connect with them when the timing is just right — when they are making specific search requests for your products and services. The ability to target focused and direct marketing ideas to your specific audience makes online advertising so effective.

Measuring your return on investment with online marketing is very easy. You can track and measure the results online through advertising analytics so that you know the exact reach your advertising is having. Tracking results allows you to update and change your strategy literally on the go with live results.

Edmonton Online Digital Marketing Company

Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)
PPC is used to get more sales and awareness almost instantly by bidding for your keywords and search phrases when interested customers are searching for your businesses products and services.

Display Advertising
Expand your reach and bring in new customers with well-designed visual ads displayed across a massive network of websites through our advertising partner Google Ad Words and Google Display Ads.

Retargeting Advertising
After a potential customer has interacted with your advertising or website, it may now be the time to keep your service or specfic product 'top of mind', by showing ads that use that stored interaction, as a basis for ads that will now be shown to those people, that already know a little about you.