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Social media is the fastest growing advertising method to attract new business and opportunities.

Social media marketing edmonton is a great opportunity for any business to expand your potential customer reach. Taking part of your advertising dollars and investing in social media ads should be part of your overall marketing plan. The trick is knowing how to use social media ads in a targeted and effective way. Here at Frisbee Studios, we understand the balances and fine tuning it takes to have social media advertising that reaches the right potential customers in the right markets for your business. Strategy and planning are key elements of success for your online social media advertising.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media channels

Social Media Marketing Edmonton
Social media allows us to super-target your advertising to reach your potential customers based on demographics, interests, location and more through user profiles.

Display Advertising
Expand your reach and bring in new customers with well-designed visual ads displayed across a massive network of websites through our advertising partner Google Ad Words and Google Display Ads.

Retargeting Advertising
After a potential customer has interacted with your advertising or website, it may now be the time to keep your service or specfic product 'top of mind', by showing ads that use that stored interaction, as a basis for ads that will now be shown to those people, that already know a little about you.